Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal to present at the Ancestral Health Symposium!

AHS is a scientific conference which provides a forum for studying human health from an evolutionary perspective. Founded on principles of interdisciplinary collaboration, our audience and speakers include researchers, clinicians, health enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs.

Proposals for talks and posters should be based in theory and present scientific evidence in support of the ideas put forward.

The submission deadline is March 18, 2018.

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This abstract will be used in print and digital conference materials and on the website, should your proposal be accepted.
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Additional information or longer summary

Assessing the merit of a proposed presentation based on a 150-word abstract can be challenging.

We strongly encourage you to submit the following additional, supporting information, especially if you have not previously presented at AHS:

(1) Links to videos of other presentations you have given;
(2) Links to publications (books, scientific papers, blog);
(3) A longer, more detailed summary of your proposed presentation (with references).
Degrees, credentials, certifications *

Please enter exactly as the listing should appear (including punctuation) on our website and in print and digital program materials. i.e. Aaron Blaisdell, Ph.D. If you would prefer that degrees or certifications not be listed, please enter "none" or "N/A".
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Presentation type

Poster Presentations
Posters will be presented on large poster boards on a topic of your choice. Poster presenters will have 1 minute each during opening remarks to describe the content of their poster. Poster sessions will be 90 minutes in length; presenters are asked to remain with their posters to answer questions.

Note: Every day, there is more and more published science relevant to an ancestral health perspective. Poster presentations offer a great opportunity to share this research, get feedback on ideas, and network with others.

30-Minute Presentations, followed by a 10-minute Q&A.

Movement Sessions
Lead attendees in a movement-oriented session structured as you see fit.

Workshops/Working Groups
These will be semi-formal gatherings of individuals centred on various topics, and will likely not be recorded (a decision at the sole discretion of the Society). In an effort to cast the net widely to generate innovative hypotheses, create an environment conducive for serendipity, and promote egalitarianism, participation in Workshops/Working Groups will be open to all attendees, whether scientist, healthcare professional, or layperson.

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AHS18 Computer Requirements and Tech Requests
If your presentation is selected, you will be require to upload final slides one week in advance of the conference (by July 12). Please bring a backup of your presentation on a USB drive.

May I use my own computer?
No, presenters will not be able to use their own computers. All presenters will use the provided computers.

Should I bring an adapter?
We have adaptors for our computers--and all presenters will be using our computers.

What kind of microphones will be used?
Both a wireless lapel mic and wireless stick mic will be provided.

Computer Preference *

Laptops, A/V check, Presentation Upload Deadlines

• I understand that when presentations are uploaded and tested in advance, technology runs very smoothly at the conference;
• I agree to give my presentation on the laptops AHS will provide;
• I agree to use the copy of presentation which was uploaded and tested in advance;
• I agree to be present at my assigned A/V check time in order to test my presentation (or make other arrangements with my program team contact);
I agree to upload my presentation to the AHS Dropbox by July 12.


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Materials submitted

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Original work

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Authorization to Record and Grant of Rights

I authorize AHS to make audio, photographic, and video recordings by any means and in any media (the “Recordings”) of me and my presentation, whether poster, lecture, movement, or workshop (the “Presentation”) and to use my name, photograph, and biographical information in connection with the reproduction, distribution, and promotion of the Presentation and the Recordings. I understand that AHS will credit me as the author or source of the Presentation.

I retain any copyrights I may have in the Presentation. Nothing in this document shall limit my rights to publish or use the Presentation as I see fit.

I agree that AHS will own the Recordings and all copyrights and other rights therein. I agree that AHS will have the irrevocable, worldwide right to make, copy, edit, publish, distribute, play, show, display, and otherwise use, and to decide to refrain from using, the Recordings and any works that may be derived from the Recordings, by any means and in any media now existing or hereafter invented, and to authorize others to do the same; provided that AHS may only exercise these rights for educational or other purposes consistent with AHS’s mission. I also grant to AHS the rights set out in the preceding sentence with respect to any slides, overheads, handouts, or other materials that I have provided in connection with the Presentation, with due attribution to me.

I understand and agree that I will not receive any royalty or other payment in connection with either the rights I have granted to AHS in this document or the use and dissemination of the Recordings.

I warrant that my Presentation and any related materials I have provided are original with me, except to the extent that they include or refer to the work of others, which in all such cases is properly credited to those authors; and neither my Presentation nor any such related materials, nor the grant of rights I have made to AHS in this document, infringe or violate any copyright or other right or breach any obligation I have to any other person or entity.

This document, when signed electronically, below, and submitted online, is intended to be a fully binding and enforceable electronic contract (“Agreement”), by and between the undersigned and Ancestry, a California corporation doing business as Ancestral Health Society (“AHS”), made in the State of California and to be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal laws of the State of California, without reference to its choice of law or conflicts of law principles. If suit is initiated by any party to this Agreement, arising from or in connection with a dispute concerning the rights or obligations of the parties or the interpretation of this Agreement, then the sole jurisdiction and venue for such action shall be the Superior Court of the State of California (subject to the jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court and federal preemption statutes). *

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